About Us


It all started with a couple of chickens...

Like most homesteading stories it all started with some chickens. They're the gateway animal to homesteading. First came some chickens, then eggs, then more chickens, then meat chickens, then some dairy goats, then a cross country move to our own farm. 

Jessica is the dreamer behind the farm. She comes up with the big ideas, creates the "honey-dos," crunches the numbers, manages the tech and cares for the animals. Off farm she coaches crossfit, teaches childbirth classes and works as a doula. She loves homeschooling her girls and cooking fresh food for the family. 

Matt is the builder on the farm. He's handy at just about anything. He manages most of the daily chores, runs the tractor and is always working on a new project. Off farm he works as an electrical contractor. 

Thing one and thing two are Estella and Elaina. They are two of the sweetest little girls on the planet and love playing outdoors and helping around the farm. 

Not pictured are Grandma and Grandpa E. They took a big chance on us and followed us a across the country. They're building a house in the back 40 and are always around to lend a hand.