Poultry Processing


You put a lot into raising your birds, get the most out of your work with a professional finished product.


How much does it cost?

Chicken: $5.50/ bird
Turkeys & Ducks/Geese: $17/bird

What does it include?

Your fee included processing, chilling, and packaging. We now offer commercial vacuum sealing for whole birds and cut ups.
*We do not provide labels or ice for transporting processed birds.

Do you cut birds up?

Yes! We are now offering cut and package service for other farms. Whole chickens can be split for $1.50/bird or parted into: Breasts (bone-in skin on or boneless skinless), tenders, wings and legs (quarters or bone-in skin on thigh and drumstick) for $2.50/bird.

How do I reserve my date?

We require a $25 deposit to hold your spot and will email you pre-processing instructions about transporting birds and withdrawing feed.