We raise Robust White chickens, they are a mix between a Cornish Cross and an Imperial White. They are incredibly healthy and thrive in a pasture based environment. They spend their days foraging in the grass and are supplemented with a local non-GMO feed.

We sell whole birds and your typical cuts (boneless skinless breasts, leg quarters and wings).  They are available fresh on processing days (late May through October) and frozen any other day.

Cuts and Prices:

  • Whole Birds (4-5 lbs): $5.70/lb

  • Boneless Skinless Breasts: $12.00/lb

  • Breast Tenders: $13.00/lb

  • Leg Quarters: $5.90/lb

  • Wings: $5.00/lb

  • Backs/Necks/Feet: $3.00/lb

  • Hearts and Livers: $4.00/lb

*Discounts available at our on farm store and through our buying club