Our pigs are raised on a mixture or pasture and wooded areas of our farm. They are free to forage and are supplemented with a local GMO-free feed. We sell most of our pigs in retail cuts. We work with a local processor that offers nitrate/nitrite free bacon and multiple MSG-free sausage choices.

Cut Prices: 

  • Belly Bacon: (average 12oz) $12.00/lb

  • Jowl Bacon/Bacon Ends: (avg 12oz) $10.00/lb

  • Uncured Pork Belly: (sold out)

    • 1-2lb chunks or 8-15lb whole belly $5.00/lb

  • Pork Chops (1" thick): $9.50/lb

  • Pork Porterhouse (1" thick): $12.00/lb

  • Whole Tenderloin: $15.00/lb

  • Sausage Links: $8.00/lb

  • (Mild Italian, Hot Italian, Andoille and Bratwurst )

  • Bulk Sausage: $7.00/lb

  • (Mild Breakfast or Mexican Chorizo)

  • Boston Butt/Picnic Ham/Shoulder Roast $6.50/lb

  • Spare Ribs or St Luis Style Ribs: $6.50/lb

  • Organ Meat (Liver, Kidney, Heart) $4.00/lb

  • Neck Bones: $3.00/lb

  • Soup Bones, Fat Back, Fat for Rendering: $3.00/lb

*Discounts available at our on farm store and through our buying club

Cut Descriptions: 

  • Pork chops.

    • Each side of the pig has between 15 and 30 chops, depending on whether you want them thick or thin. The tenderloin runs along the back near the chops. You can get the loin alone, or you can get it sliced with some of your chops to make some Porterhouse steaks.

  • Hams.

    • You can get at least five or six smaller ham roasts or fresh hams from each back leg. These can be cut into ham steaks (the boneless skinless chicken breast of pork). Or these can be ground to make more sausage.

  • Shoulder roasts.

    • Each side of a pig has a Boston butt and a picnic, which can be transformed into roasts, stew meat, or ground meat. Cut-and-wrap operations usually will split each of these into two or three smaller roasts. Or they’ll turn the picnic roast into stew meat or ground pork, which is always an option.

  • Belly.

    • There are two bellies on a whole pig, one on each side, because the pig’s belly is always split down the middle at the time of slaughter. You can ask to receive the belly whole or cut into smaller pieces. That way, you can make your own bacon or pancetta.

  • Hocks.

    • These are essentially the pig’s calves. You’ll get four of them. They’re great to brine and smoke and then use in soups, stews, and beans. You can also ask the butcher to grind these to make more sausage.

  • Bones.

    • Ask for these, too! You can make delicious broths and stocks out of them. If you haven’t bought this book yet and discovered the health benefits of bone broth, you should.

  • Ribs, two racks.

    • You can specify whether you want the butcher to take the ribs off of the belly, which you can then use as soup bones, or whether you want the ribs cut into baby back or spare ribs (among other styles of rib).

  • Sausage

    • Whatever cuts your choose to grind, plus any extra trimmings are turned into sausage. You can choose from a variety of flavors to make bulk packages or links.

  • Leaf lard.

    • This is the kidney fat. If you render it, you can use it to make the most amazing pie crusts.

  • Fatback.

    • If you don’t like a lot of fat on your pork chops, ask the butcher to trim off the fatback and give it to you in cubes. You can render the fatback down for lard, or you can use it to make sausage.

  • Organs, AKA offal.

    • The heart, liver, spleen, and kidneys all can be turned into delicious dishes. Consider learning to use them in your cooking.

Whole or Half Pigs: 

If you'd like to stock your deep freezer with delicious pasture raised pork and save your family money, bulk is the way to go. Each whole pig includes the cuts listed above. If ordered before the pigs got in for processing, you can customize you cuts and sausage flavors all for the the cost of plain ground pork.  A whole hog averages about 175lbs of packaged product for the freezer and takes up about 5-6 cubic feet of freezer space. 

Whole hog: $5.00/lb

Half hog: $6.00/lb