Our Story



We are both native Southern Californians. We grew up with backyard gardens but had little livestock experience (okay, we had no idea what we were doing at first). Matt is the talented gardener and what goes better with a garden than a few chickens.  I convinced Matt we needed some egg laying hens so we got 12 (we eat a lot of eggs). They were easy and fun. Then Matt got hooked on farming blogs and we decided to try our hands a some meat birds. We had two acres and had been doing the laying hens for a while.   While the meaties grew I convinced Matt we should get some dairy goats so we bought a pregnant doe and feed leased (that's farm speak for borrowed) a little buddy for her. A few months laters we had some baby goatees!  There is really nothing cuter than baby goats. 

We loved Southern California, but we had known for some time that it just wasn't the right place for us to raise our family. After years of searching and exploring, the Carolina's were calling our name. We sold our California business, our house, animals (minus the farm dog) and moved to central North Carolina. We love it here and are so excited to be farming our beautiful 10 acre property in Mt Ulla.