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Use the form below to place you order. Orders can be picked up on farm by appointment or scheduled for deliver for a fee depending on the distance. **Since item weights vary slightly, you will be emailed an invoice once your order is assembled.  You can pay the invoice online or with cash/check upon pick up or delivery. 


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Average weight 4-5lbs
2/pack aprox .6lbs/pack
6/pack aprox .6lbs/pack
2/pack aprox 1.5lbs/pack
8/pack aprox 1.5lbs
2/pack aprox 2-3lbs
Apox .75lbs/pack
Average 2lbs
2 chops/pack Aprox 1lb/pack
2/pack Aprox 1-2lbs
1lb packs
Aprox 3-4lbs
Aprox 3-4lbs
This is a fresh, bone in, skin on leg roast. Aprox 3-4lbs
4/pack Aprox 1/lb
If you're ordering link sausage, please indicate your flavor selections below. Current options are: Sweet Italian, Zesty Italian, Andouille, Bratwurst and Garlic Bratwurst
1/lb packs
2-3lb bags
100% Grass-Fed Lamb
Petite Chops 2/pack Aprox .5lbs/pk
Bone in. Aprox 2-3lbs
Bone in Roast. Apox 4-5lbs
Aprox 2lbs
Aprox 1.5lb/pack
1lb packs
Aprox 2lb bags
Other Products
Aprox 16oz