How to Order:

  • Use the form below to place you order. Once your order is packed, you’ll receive and invoice via email. You can pay online using the link in your email or upon pick up. 

  • Orders can be picked up on farm by appointment or during our regular store hours (Fridays 3-7pm and Saturdays 10-2pm).

  • Gym drop offs are Friday. Orders must be placed by Thursday for gym delivery.

  • We’re looking to add monthly drop points to our schedule in Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Mooresville. If you have at least 5 people who would like monthly orders delivered to a central location, please fill out this interest form and we’ll contact you. No obligation.


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Delivery day is Friday for gym drops. Community drop points must be prearranged via email.
Average weight 4-5lbs
2/pack aprox .6lbs/pack
6/pack aprox .6lbs/pack
2/pack aprox 1.5lbs/pack
8/pack aprox 1.5lbs
2/pack aprox 2-3lbs
Apox .75lbs/pack
2 chops/pack Aprox 1lb/pack
2/pack Aprox 1-2lbs
Bone in shoulder cut. Approx. 1.5-2lbs each
1lb packs
Aprox 3-4lbs
Aprox 3-4lbs
This is a fresh, bone in, skin on leg roast. Aprox 3-4lbs
4/pack Aprox 1/lb
If you're ordering link sausage, please indicate your flavor selections below. Current options are: Hot Italian, Mild Italian, Andouille, Bratwurst
1lb pack
2-3lb bags
100% Grass-Fed Lamb
Petite Chops 2/pack Aprox .5lbs/pk
Bone in. Aprox 2-3lbs
Bone in Roast. Apox 4-5lbs
Aprox 2lbs
Aprox 1.5lb/pack
1lb packs
Aprox 2lb bags
Other Products
Aprox 16oz